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Five Great iPhone Health & Fitness Apps

The iPhone is a constant companion for most of its users, always at hand in a pocket or bag, so it makes sense to use it for keeping track of health and fitness. There are countless apps out there to help you train, lose weight or live a healthier lifestyle. Here are five of the best.


One of the most comprehensive fitness apps available, Argus lets you record, store and monitor a huge amount of information, which it displays in a tiled format that’s easy to read and understand. It functions as a step counter, but you can add data such as your blood pressure, calorie intake, and even sleep pattern. For activities that require you to leave your phone behind, like swimming or football, you’ll need to enter the details manually. Argus integrates with third party fitness applications, like Fitbit, and lets you share your data through social media.

Cyclemeter By Abvio

If Argus is the all rounder of the exercise app field, Cyclemeter is the focused specialist. Although it can be used to monitor other activities, like running, it’s designed specifically for cycling, whether on road, off road or mountain biking. As well as recording speed, distance and route, Cyclemeter can store your heart rate, bring you traffic and terrain information from Google Maps, and take a note of the weather you rode through. Race against your own time from a previous outing, or against other users, and import or export your routes. The audio function lets you hear how you’re doing without taking your eyes off the road, or your hands off the bars.


Endomondo is another dedicated app, this time for running. Because it uses your iPhone’s GPS rather than its motion sensors, you’ll be left with an exact record of the route you took and the distance you ran. It’s ideal for distance training, whether your aim is a short jog, 5k, or a marathon.

Dinner Spinner

A health conscious take on the recipe app, Dinner Spinner holds over 40,000 healthy and nutritious recipes for you to try. Filter by the ingredients you have, by calorie count, or by the time it takes to prepare the meal, or request a random recipe and expand your culinary horizons. There are vegetarian and vegan options, and the recipes are easy to follow. There’s a shopping list function to ensure you have all the ingredients you need, and after a successful meal you can share the recipe over social media.


It’s easy to work out what Weilos does when you consider that it’s only a few letters short of the words ‘weight loss’. Rather than tracking physical activity or recording calories, Weilos is a social network designed to put you in touch with a community of users who share your goal of shedding pounds. Chat with friends, share data from other fitness apps, celebrate your victories. Tune in to a stream of quotes and pictures to help boost your motivation if you’re feeling down and likely to give in to temptation.[/fusion_text][/one_full][/fullwidth]

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