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International Clinical Trials Day

May 20 is international Clinical Trials Day, a global event that pays tribute to the extraordinary contributions made to medical science by clinical researchers around the globe.

ACRP Clinical Trials Day

The event serves as a reminder that Clinical Trials are an essential component in the development of new medicines, and that without the contributions made by research professionals or people who volunteer to take part in medical studies, many life changing treatments would simply not be available to those who need them.

International Clinical Trials Day acknowledges the miracle of modern day medicine, a miracle that was brought into existence through the continued hard work, determination, and altruism of those involved. It is a time for reflecting on what clinical research has already achieved, and sharing stories of success to remind us all why clinical trials are so important.

The story of Alan Hobson is one such tale. Alan has made two great achievements in his lifetime, reaching the summit of Mount Everest, and surviving Acute Myeloid Leukemia, an aggressive blood cancer. After undergoing over 500 hours of continuous high dose chemotherapy, and an adult blood stem cell transplant, Alan went on to make a full recovery and is almost as fit now as he was when he reached the summit of Mount Everest.

Alan Hobson was a key speaker at the 2014 ACRP (Association of Clinical Research Professionals) Global Conference and Exhibition, during which he attributed his survival of cancer to the achievements made by clinical research.

James Lind, a surgeon mate aboard HMS Salisbury is widely attributed as the pioneer of randomized clinical trials. He devised a study in order to identify an affective treatment for Scurvy which commenced on May 20 1747. Twelve crew members who were suffering from the condition were selected to take part, and six different treatments were each trialled on two men. Amongst the treatments were citrus fruit, which proved to be highly effective at alleviating the symptoms of Scurvy. International Clinical Trials Day marks the anniversary of this event.

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