photo of lemonade

International Clinical Trials Day

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, or so the saying goes… but when you sip a cool glass of lemonade, you may not know that lemons were used in the first clinical trial.

International Clinical Trials Day is celebrated around the world on the 20th May to recognise the contribution clinical trials make to the development of medicines. On 20th of May 1747 Doctor James Lind, a Royal Navy doctor performed the first controlled clinical trial aboard The HMS Salisbury. He tested various treatments on twelve sailors who were suffering from scurvy, which led him to discover that oranges and lemons were effective in treating the condition.

Clinical trials have come a long way since then and at Covance we are proud to be involved in helping to develop pioneering treatments. If you’re already one of our volunteers you might not be guaranteed a place in medical history but you can be proud that you are a part of something that makes a true difference. Spread the word and don’t forget you’ll receive payment of at least £50 for each recommendation (£200 for specific groups).

And don’t forget to keep checking our list of clinical trials as we have lots to choose from.

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