Student life

Settling in to student life

It is that time of the year when many new students are starting university. Here at Covance Leeds, we are located close to the city centre and we would like to say a big welcome to all students who have arrived in this lovely city for the new academic year!

We understand that arriving at university can be a daunting experience, so we have put together a few top tips which we hope will be useful while you are settling in.

  • Researching which student bank accounts are available before choosing one is a wise idea, as there are some great offers to be found.
  • Use framed photos, trinkets and some of your favourite books to give your room in halls that ‘home away from home’ feeling.
  • Be sociable and try to get to know people from the start – making friends will help you to settle in.
  • Find out which clubs and societies you can join and what events are on during term time, as these are all super ways of getting to know people.
  • Explore the local area – take a walk and familiarise yourself with your surroundings. A new place will start to feel more welcoming when you know your way around and in practical terms, it is useful to know where the local shops and amenities are located.
  • Work out a budget and stick to it – if you plan what you can afford to spend weekly, it will make life much simpler in the long term.
  • Plan your meals – work out what you need to get weekly as doing one big food shop is more cost effective than buying items here and there.

Here at Covance Leeds we would love to wish every student a wonderful term ahead. We are based in a Grade II listed building surrounded by attractive grounds and gardens, just a short walk from Leeds city centre and adjacent to the universities.

Here are a couple of useful websites which may come in handy too: