Photo of yellow flowers

Spring has sprung

Finally, the evenings are getting lighter, the daffodils are in bloom and there has even been some sunshine lately – all of this can only mean that spring has sprung and here at Covance Leeds we are very excited for the new season. Spring always puts a spring in our step, if you pardon the pun! We thought we would round up some facts and health tips to celebrate the season.

Did you know that spring officially begins on two different dates? The 1st March marks the beginning of meteorological spring, but 20th March is the first day of astronomical spring (which relates to the position of the earth’s orbit in relation to the sun).

After a long cold winter, we are always ready for a few easy ideas to lead a healthier lifestyle in spring and these simple tips are so useful –

Stay hydrated

Drinking water is essential for good health, so keep a bottle of water with you at all times and always drink water before and after exercise. If you find it hard to stay hydrated, why not try some of these recipes for infused fruit water to perk up your H20!

Walk more

Try walking more rather than taking the car or public transport. Walking not only boosts your mood, but it is also linked to increased cardiovascular and pulmonary fitness as well as reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke. Apart from anything else, walking is a great form of exercise which costs nothing!

Switch it up

If you are tired of your usual fitness routine such as hitting the gym, why not try incorporating a new activity such as cycling or swimming in to your workouts? Joining a new fitness class can also motivate you to work out regularly. Use this handy NHS website to find fitness classes near you:

Eat more vegetables

Vegetables make a tasty, inexpensive and healthy staple meal which add fibre to your diet and there are so many tempting recipes to try here, which can help to boost your daily vegetable intake.

Check out this calendar of amazing events which will take place around the UK this spring. Perfect if you need some inspiration for a day out!

Covance Leeds are proud to be based here in this beautiful city and if you fancy treating yourself to a bite to eat somewhere a bit different in the city, check out this article from Leeds List on ‘5 New Openings You Might Have Missed’ We hope that you enjoyed our blog celebrating the new season and remember, if you want to take a rewarding step this spring you could help to contribute to the advancement of treatments for a range of conditions when you participate in our clinical trials at our Covance Leeds Clinic. To find out which clinical trials we currently have open, please click here and we look forward to hearing from you!