Dry January – you’re almost done!

For those of you who have taken the leap and had a Dry January – we take our hats off to you! You’re almost there. It may have been difficult after the festive season, but we bet you’re probably feeling a lot better in yourselves?

Those who have taken out alcohol in January may be feeling the benefits of weight-loss, clearer skin, more energy and better sleep. Couple that with having a bit more spare cash and it seems that many of us may take steps to continue with a lower alcohol intake as we go further into 2020.

Here at Covance we have a study coming up that may just be perfect for those of us who are considering continuing with a healthier lifestyle. Think of the money you’ll be saving with not spending as much on alcohol plus money you will receive if you participate in a clinical trial with us. You’ll also be helping others by playing a part in developing life-saving medicines. Now that’s a very worthy way to embark on a new decade!

The study requires people aged 18-55yrs old with a low alcohol intake. Female applicants must not drink more than 7 units per week and male applicants, no more than 14 units per week. The screening will take place in February with the clinic trial scheduled for March.

For more information on this clinical trial and all other trials we are running, please visit our website.