World Clinical Trials Day

20th May sees our industry celebrate Clinical Trials Day #CTD21. It’s the day when we show pride in our work as clinical researchers and the difference we make.

We want to use this day to raise awareness of the role of clinical trials in society, but also shout about our profession as a fantastic career opportunity for healthcare professionals.

2020 was one of the most challenging in medical history, but clinical trial companies rose to the mammoth challenge. Thanks to a series of clinical trials led by the healthcare professionals alongside the vital volunteers worldwide, vaccines have been developed and delivered.

In 2021, the theme for Clinical Trials Day #CTD21 is rising to challenges and bringing hope.

At Covance we are proud to play a part in giving patients and families hope for a healthier world.

For those of you who aren’t aware why Clinical trials Day is always celebrated on the 20th May – it goes back 274 years to the date when the first recognised clinical trial took place. It was led by a Scottish naval doctor named James Lind who started comparing treatments for scurvy on board HMS Salisbury. He trialled six treatments including oranges and lemons, which came out as a successful remedy.

274 years on clinical trials are more vital than ever. Here at Covance we want to celebrate being a part of this amazing journey!